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High quality razor sharp art print with my signature.

Only 5 prints are available.


Name of illustration: "Lost together".

Meaning: One day we will lose ourselves in someone. By that I don't mean the negative being lost, so that you don't know where you are and you get scared - I mean the beautiful being lost. Being lost in an endless beauty. In which one drifts together, forms a common inner compass and together forms a path.The path will not always be straight and smooth, there will certainly be crossroads, stones, mountains, slopes and other things that are difficult to overcome, but as everyone knows, these can actually always be mastered, even if it seems impossible at the time. With a strong will, discipline, high attention, empathy and love (which in turn includes all of the above), in my opinion, everything can be done.


Product details: 

- fine art print

- warm white 350g paper

- A4

- without frame

"Lost together" - Fine Art Print

50,00 €Preis
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