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Only now available: limited linoleum print on handmade japanese paper.

  • Only 10 prints available 
  • All prints are printed on selfmade
  • japanese paper
  • 23 x 31 cm
  • Print without frame

Because each print is handmade, each one is unique and beautiful in its own way.


Name of the illustration: "Own gardener"

The meaning: After our parents were the gardeners who planted us, are we now our own gardeners. We have to take care of our water, remember to water ourselves and nurture ourselves. We need rain and sun. The bad and the good weather, teaches us our knowledge and experience. This is what we grow on. But beware: overwatering leads to drowning of the flower, too much sun leads to drying out the flower. Everyone has to find his own balance and learn what is good for him. Everyone is his own gardener with different influencing factors. Sort out what is not good for you and love what is good for you. And grow.



Selfmade Linoleum Print "Own gardener"

50,00 €Preis
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